Rear Brakes and Cam Plugs

I have really struggled to stop the rear cam plugs on the drivers side head from leaking oil, not much just an occasional drip which naturally falls right on the manifold. Whiles out at our last track event it was more noticeable as high rpm's make it worse, so I went back in and removed the camcover, well the bungs that fit into the space where the cam journals should be looked OK, but then I pulled the pins and they came right out. Now the pins are a loose fit in the oil holes so I presume the rubber bung does most of the sealing. Well no more, I am going to order the pins which have superceded the rubber bungs.

My guess is that oil was filling up the area where the rear plug is and eventually it would leak out once that are filled with oil. Presumably wouldn't have helped the oil pressure either.

camplug1.JPG (91594 bytes)Loose pin

camplug2.JPG (96206 bytes)Both bungs with retaining bracket

camplug3.JPG (118917 bytes)Arrow shows one of the two oiling holes

Note to self : Add pics of new type pins

Also while on the track I noticed the brakes were not as good as usual, seems my rear discs are worn down to the minimum. Another thing to note is that their is no rear brake bias valve either, someone has removed it. A keen eyed local 928 owner spotted that one, we thought that maybe an adjustable one was fitted but not that I can see. This may well have accelerated the wear of the rear discs too.

rearbrake2.JPG (76708 bytes)Had to use the two bolt method to separate disc and hub, resorted to the manuals!!

rearbrake1.JPG (82272 bytes)Rear Disc removed, needs a good clean and lube !

rearbrake3.JPG (95153 bytes)before clean rearbrake4.JPG (82958 bytes)and after, close inspection revealed plenty of meat left on shoes.

rearbrake5.JPG (76674 bytes) So these cast hole rotors look the business, of course the calipers look like crap but I guess that's a project for another day !!


rearbrake6.JPG (104513 bytes) So here is the 33bar brake pressure regulator I fitted, the regulator had been removed completely by someone in a prior life. Standard item is 18bar.

I also added the stainless brake lines in the rear that had been sitting on the shelf, easier than the front items as the bracket on the chassis had a round hole which meant no dremel mods, just a straight swap, sweet. Still waiting for my Hawk Street + pads ......