Rear Quarter Panels

I have had no rear interior since the end of last year when the interior was stripped, the reason for this is that the 1/4 panels are undergoing repair. It also turns out these panels are not the originals (part of the water damage during its stay in the woods I guess) they are from an earlier car as they are not fiber board but some kind of composite.

1st of was the need to ditch the square speaker grills fitted as standard, ugly IMO, another 928 owner Rob Fossett kindly offered to build an enclosure on the panel for me. Because Rob lives on the other side of the cascades hooking up in the 1st place and collecting the panels proved somewhat lengthy. While Rob was building the enclosures he noted some less then professional prior repair work with fiber glass.

Rob also covered up the rear most speaker locations for which I had no need, very little useful sound comes from those locations anyway.

panel1.jpg (22774 bytes)panel2.jpg (17653 bytes)

Panels now recovered, did a good job too.

panel3.jpg (23627 bytes)panel4.jpg (22821 bytes)

As the panels have been sitting around for a while they have lost some of their original shape, only place this is a problem is down by the doors as there is not a location to secure the panels here.

OK so passenger panel is fine, here are some pics with it all back in, looks pretty good even if I do say so myself !!
panel5.jpg (21171 bytes)panel6.jpg (22818 bytes)panel7.jpg (26381 bytes)

Here it is all back together, secured the drives side panel with a screw in the appropriate place, only remaining item is to have the speaker grills made up. When I get the 5 channel amp I am after i'll have a small false floor with the amp showing through the carpet.

Another item to add would be a rear cargo cover.

panel8.JPG (202501 bytes)panel9.JPG (200897 bytes)panel10.JPG (187450 bytes)

12/20/03 - Finally got the speaker Grills made up !

panel11.JPG (93381 bytes)