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My search for an S4 covered many months and a lot of miles but the one I went for was right in North Carolina.  I trailered the car back from western NC.  Not much was needed except for tires.  I put some 40,000 mile warranty Dunlops on the rear.  Sears was not too nice about having to replace them after 6000 miles but I had to replace them again before Levi took the long journey across the country.

 I had a great time with the car during my brief time with it.  It was my daily commuter car and I put about 75 miles on it every day.  I had a few nice street races (even though it is frowned upon by some people).  I ventured up to the Kinston Drag  Strip with a friend of mine in his big block, slicked 442.

 I was never able to beat the 442 but I was very happy with the results.  My best time was a 13.77 @ 102. 

 I put the car up for sale to pacify my wife.  I did not push the sale because I did not want the car to sell too badly.  I received plenty of responses, thanks to the add on Rennlist and 928 Specialists web pages.  I was working a deal with someone in Illinois.  He was interested in working a trade for his '81 plus some cash.  Chris came along and made an offer.  At first, I told him I would have to think about it for awhile.  I made up my mind the next week and informed Chris. 

 As soon as I agreed to make the sale, the car voiced its opinion and started acting up.  I was driving along at about 60mph and RPMs dropped to zero.  I coasted to the side of the road while attempting to start the car by releasing the clutch.  No luck there.  I un-hooked the battery for a few minutes and after reconnecting, the car started right up.  The problem started happening about once a day.  I was emailing Wally Plumley everyday with new questions and results from the previous nights troubleshooting attempts.  I was jumpering relays and driving around with test lights hooked up for a few days.  I think he and I both saw the light at the end of the tunnel.  That was the EZK computer.  It was just about the only thing left.  I found a used computer at 928 International and they over-nighted it to me.  Surprise,  it fixed the problem.  It was nice to be able to drive home from work without having to push the car off the road at all.

 Good luck with the Burgundy Beast.

 I will be back with a new 928 project as soon as possible.

 Mike Harmon