Leak from Oil cooler pipes

This seems to be a common failure point, the hose material degrades and there is plenty of oil pressure inside so lovely oily mess. I was perplexed where this leak was coming from for a while but after replacing the cam cover gasket it was the only thing left. After removing the oil filter, sensor and alternator it became obvious they had been leaking for a while.

Removing the oil cooler lines at the radiator means moving the fan shroud out of the way otherwise it is impossible to get to the fixings. Once this is out of the way it all comes out pretty easily.

Now you can order new hoses for >$250 or you can get them rebuilt at a local shop (House of Hoses for me) for a whopping $70. They did what looks like an excellent job.

Cleaning the whole area around the block took a while but looks much better and may make it easier to find the source of a leak in the future.

oileak1.jpg (29702 bytes) Oil residue around the block
oileak2.jpg (30288 bytes) Here's another shot
oileak3.jpg (29293 bytes) This is a pic of the oil pressure sensor assembly, the upper housing also came out, sealing ring for this is a whopping $15. Fitted a new oil pressure sensor, they get filled with crud after a while.
oileak4.jpg (27312 bytes) Here you can see one of the oil cooler lines.
oileak5.jpg (22834 bytes) Here they are on the bench
oileak8.jpg (23239 bytes) One of the rebuilt hoses
oileak6.jpg (29879 bytes) The block after a good clean
oileak7.jpg (31005 bytes) And another shot just for the hell of it.