Fitting of Momo Wheel

Sometimes it's nice to take a break from fixing things and actually do a little enhancement, as the steering wheel is right in front of you there is plenty of visual per $$$.

Reading up on other people's experience there seemed to be issues with the horn contact, typical I had no problems there but the Momo hub rubbed against the console so had to remove some console material and shim the hub a little to get the necessary clearance. No instructions came with the hub or steering wheel so little bit of guesswork required .........

wheel1.jpg (27513 bytes) The flash on my camera is a little harsh but you can still tell the original wheel is well past its sell by date. I have kept it on the premise I may need it in the future if I strip the interior and get a respray (hey gotta dream!!!!)

Anyway this is horn pad on its way off.

wheel2.jpg (26558 bytes) There are 4 bolts which hold the wheel to the hub, need a wrench too as there are nuts on the rear face.
wheel3.jpg (23539 bytes) All remnants of the old wheel gone.
wheel4.jpg (26122 bytes) Momo hub attached, note horn wire taped to prevent accidental activation !!!
wheel5.jpg (25262 bytes) All done, note the Porsche horn button, rare but a nice finishing touch.

Here are a couple more pics

wheel6.jpg (23760 bytes) wheel7.jpg (25879 bytes)