Putting it all back !!!

I procured the dash from the same place I got the seats and door panels, this proved to be more financially viable than getting my old dash reconditioned. There was one small crack right by the windshield which I had repaired, figured while the dash was out it would be easier. Have to look pretty hard to see the repair.

With the dash back in the car is beginning to take shape again !!

Spurred on by the dash I decided to glue in the lower portions of the back seat, the 3M spray on adhesive works well, initially I wasn't sure if this would be strong enough. I took my time getting the placement before I glued ....

Should be getting the rest of my dash back from Dan the pod man very soon, then we can really get going !!!

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So its starting to look like a 928 again, took some time to get the right center console/dash clearance. I'd like it better but the original design wasn't great in this area anyway. 

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Seats and headliner in, although the rear quarters are a month out I put the tool box cover and rear cargo area carpet in. She's ready to drive now !!!

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