Interior Renovation

Well Burgundy not being may favorite color and vinyl not suited to the 928 the transformation has begun.

After I found out there were some parts going from an 89GT iin Vancouver, BC I couldn't pass up on a good and relatively local deal. I secured the door panels, arm rests, the thin trim above the door, panel inserts, 4 seats and a headliner.

Seats and door panels are in excellent shape, the GT must have been garaged during its operational life.

Below are a few shots of the interior before stripdown commences ...

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So now to get the job done properly and if your going to do might as well do it right ... so everything comes

Here are some photos during the dismantling.

Carpet, seats, rear quarter and hatch trim removed
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To get the headliner off you have to remove the sunroof as in their infinite wisdom the manufacturers chose to wrap and glue the leather under the sunroof tracks. Even if they HAD to do this their is no need to glue aaarrgghh !!!
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Everything now out except some carpet and the dash.
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Here are some shots of the dash removed.

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Just got some of the old Carpet left that is stuck down