Intake Removal

This really isn't that bad, just take your time, the reason I went in was because of an oil leak which turned out to be the front passenger breather hose where it joins the oil filler neck

However, once you have the intake off there are a multitude of while you are in there items ... I limited myself to replacing, gaskets, all hoses and refurbing the injectors.

Here was the state of parts removal before I started on the intake !!!

intake12.jpg (34528 bytes)     intake13.jpg (37120 bytes)     intake1.jpg (29571 bytes)     intake2.jpg (33012 bytes)

intake3.jpg (32946 bytes) Seems the 87MY has a bad fuel pipe design to the pressure regulator, mine was cracked and will be replaced. This is dangerous as a fuel leak from here is a certain engine fire.

intake4.jpg (35249 bytes) Here is a good shot from the front of the engine under the intake which is being temporarily supported with wooden blocks. Note coolant hoses and thermostat also being replaced.

intake5.jpg (31672 bytes) Intake removed and left over oil from the leak, rags stuffed in any opening, the oil filler neck leaves a BIG hole.

intake6.jpg (25128 bytes) Hoses attached to the oil filler neck.

intake7.jpg (22780 bytes) Here is a pic of the throttle body still attached to the intake.

intake8.jpg (31712 bytes) Throttle body removed.

intake9.jpg (26856 bytes) Here is the idle stabilizer which was dirty outside and inside, also the rubber mounts where it bolts to the throttle body where perished. Virtually hanging by the hoses !!!

intake10.jpg (25866 bytes) Here you can see the gaping hole in the offending hose

intake11.jpg (19312 bytes) Fuel injectors removed ready to be mailed to the cleaners !!!

intake14.jpg (35175 bytes)   intake15.jpg (31883 bytes) Cleaner and front half of the engine back together, now to order all the parts to get the intake back together.

Here is the intake re-assembled with new hoses and having had a good clean.

intake16.jpg (29120 bytes)   intake17.jpg (29124 bytes)   intake18.jpg (27964 bytes)   intake19.jpg (26278 bytes)

Back in the car at last !!! Now waiting for the injectors to come back from and then time to crank !!

intake20.jpg (31597 bytes)   intake21.jpg (28531 bytes)   intake22.jpg (26870 bytes)

All back together, idle stabalizer chose to seize while it was out of the car so had to dismantle the intake again :-( hooked it up to a bench supply and managed to free it up. It will probably need to be replaced in the not too distant future (Replaced 10/1/01).

intake23.jpg (30986 bytes)