Remote Hatch Release Repair

Another one of those common failures, motor turn but hatch remains closed, there is some adjustment in the system but even at the max settings the hatch remained firmly shut.

hatch8.jpg (31802 bytes) Motor adjusts by releasing and moving the two 10mm bolts.

Lock adjust by loosening and moving the 6mm Allen bolts

hatch1.jpg (20720 bytes) Here you can see the pivot that releases the hatch
hatch7.jpg (16050 bytes) Evidently you can get fatigue failure here if you release mechanism is too tight. I had no such problems.
hatch3.jpg (24002 bytes) Picture shows what the motor does to the latch mechanism.
hatch4.jpg (17019 bytes) This is the latch after a thorough cleaning, full of gunk
hatch5.jpg (27512 bytes) To make up for the lack of adjustment make a small shim for a suitable material, motor oil containers as suggested by someone else work remarkably well.
hatch6.jpg (27789 bytes) Place shim at rear of lock, adjust motor to its least aggressive setting and move until hatch releases, I still needed the motor at virtually it's maximum setting so my system must be pretty worn.
hatch9.jpg (20732 bytes) While you are playing with the hatch it is useful to have a helper to actuate the release button :-)