Replacement Gas Nozzle Boot

For some reason best know to themselves Porsche omitted a rear splash guard on the passenger side so all the road debris finds is blasted into that area, and the rubber gasket around the gas filler nozzle is right in the way !! Mine was completely shredded so when you went to fill up with Gas the cap was covered in road grime etc ... plus this also increases the chances of getting debris in the gas tank.

Removing the old one was fairly easy, except the drain tube is attached with a clamp and was a fairly snug fit after all these years.

gas1.jpg (21880 bytes) Here you can see the old boot nearly out.
gas2.jpg (25215 bytes) Old boot removed and ready for the trash bin.
gas3.jpg (24168 bytes) Here is the new boot attached to the drain tube, the tube doesn't have a lot of slack so easier to attach in the wheel well and bring up from the inside. (Note the dirt that used to be around the gas filler neck).
gas4.jpg (20978 bytes) New boot snug and at home, much better.
gas5.jpg (21880 bytes) Flap and cleaned cap complete the repair.