Engine Removal

Well I did a compression test a couple of months back, the right bank were all 150psi, the left 140psi, with my dyno chart showing 20hp or so down looks like the cam timing off. This with the long standing issue of low oil pressure when hot, intake needing finishing made me think lets just yank it out, go through it and be done.

One other item I can get done is the head gaskets, if the condition of these is like the other seals I have been replacing ... nice and strong for the supercharger kit.

Engine3.JPG (76061 bytes) Getting all the peripherals removed or detached wasn't too bad, familiarity with the engine helps.

About 6 hours to get to this point, less if the release arm on the clutch would have come off.


Engine1.JPG (146383 bytes) OK so here is a "don't be a dumbass like me point", I removed the engine cable harness through the firewall to the engine. The way to do it is to unattach the wiring harness on the engine .... if you want to then pull the harness it comes out much better the other way ....
Engine4.JPG (117847 bytes) Success, and time to take a break.
Engine2.gif (262917 bytes) Well lots of room in there now, good time to replace that blue clutch hose.

List of to do so far:

Well looks like I have finally found the cause of the oil pressure not being quite right, check out the pictures of the main bearing shells below. Current thought as to what caused this is that the PO who replaced the engine did not flush out the oil cooler and lines and the debris caused the damage. Would explain why rod bearings were not trashed.

engine5.JPG (85232 bytes) Check out all that copper !!
engine6.JPG (99460 bytes) Picture of empty upper block on cradle in process of being cleaned.
engine7.JPG (91972 bytes) Cradle, these are where the bearings above came from
engine8.JPG (113338 bytes) Lower block with bearing shells still in place, if you look closely you can see the holes in the bearings which feed the piston squirters.
engine9.JPG (59146 bytes) Close up of one of those rare squirters !!

So Crank is back and machined down to -0.25mm which is the 1st oversize, bearings are on back order so time for some cleaning.

piston1.JPG (118495 bytes) piston2.JPG (116141 bytes) piston3.JPG (106017 bytes) Taking about 2 hours per piston, slow and laborious. Chemical concoction helps but nothing like elbow grease for the real work. Using wooden tooth picks to clean the ring grooves. Here you see before and after.

While there were some metal parts hanging around decided to get some more plating done.

Plating.JPG (196720 bytes)

All pistons are clean now, I heard today that new bearings are on the way after waiting for a new 0.25 undersize thrust from Germany. I started on the heads ... so far just the passenger side, I found one keeper looking for a home though .. and while playing truant it got a good thrashing from the hydraulic lifter ... a new keeper on the way.

head1.JPG (111947 bytes) Head ready for one last clean after lapping all the valves
head2.JPG (250806 bytes) One Inlet seat has seen better days but it will have to do for now.

Well passenger head is all re-assembled except for the one valve where I need a new keeper.

head5.JPG (102814 bytes) head6.JPG (72655 bytes) Here is my seal inserting kit, I used tip of a rubber glove to protect the seal while running over the keeper grooves in the valve. An 11mm deep socket worked perfectly for fitting over the seal and then an extension to hammer on the end. These seals are a snug fit !!
head3.JPG (97714 bytes) head7.JPG (126994 bytes) Top and bottom views
head4.JPG (123097 bytes) Here is a shot of the drivers side head before dis-assembly and clean up.

Well while this was going on I took the intake to be powder coated, they did a great job. It cost more to have the old paint stripped off than it did for the actual painting. In the engine gasket set where new seals for the side of the intake which was a pleasant suprise.

intake1.JPG (230252 bytes) Well I bought a spare intake on ebay with throttle body and all for a stupid price, couldn't resist. It was this intake I had painted figuring if anything went wrong I can just re-use the old one. Beauty, this is after the flappy re-assembled and side bolted back on.
intake2.JPG (244218 bytes) Another shot
intake3.JPG (85073 bytes) A pic of my old intake.

Well the bearings came, whohoooo !!

engine10.JPG (105563 bytes) Here is the crank inserted in the block, ready for its other half
engine11.JPG (111980 bytes) engine12.JPG (111041 bytes) Here is the cradle with bearing lube then Loctite, need to look careful as the light isn't too good in these shots.
engine13.JPG (111095 bytes) All assembled.

OK I am just going to let the pictures tell the story from here on in.

engine14.JPG (118214 bytes) engine15.JPG (108187 bytes) engine16.JPG (110823 bytes) engine17.JPG (127218 bytes)
engine18.JPG (127713 bytes) engine20.JPG (107704 bytes) engine21.JPG (123597 bytes) engine22.JPG (120784 bytes)
engine23.JPG (98603 bytes) engine24.JPG (337482 bytes) engine25.JPG (118443 bytes) engine26.JPG (126859 bytes)
engine27.JPG (274145 bytes) engine28.JPG (278881 bytes)

As of 3/21/04 I have driven 12 or so miles, there is a slight coolant leak from the Water Pump but otherwise so far so good. AND oil pressure is now normal !! A hair under 3bar at idle and a full 5 bar at 2K, whohoooo !!

3/23/04  ~100 miles. No 8 Cylinder has a black plug, going to be checking ignition and injector.

Compression Tests, before and after rebuild

Cylinder Sept 2003  50miles 500miles 1000miles
1 140 165    
2 150 160    
3 150 160    
4 150 160    
5 140 160    
6 140 160    
7 140 160    
8 140 160