Motor Mount Replacement

I decided to try out the heavy duty Ford units (Napa part No. 602 1686), not including my labor the whole thing cost just over $100 which is a bargain and if the mounts don't last very long well i'll be getting dirty again. If you are having a mechanic do this then get the Porsche engine mounts as most of your bill will be in labor and you don't want the mechanic going in there any time soon.

With the Ford mounts you will need new nuts as the thread pitch is different.

If you have the use of an engine hoist (its on my shopping list) then you can use that to hold the weight of the engine rather than a jack under the oil pan and then you can replace your pan gasket while you are in there.

OK so this is definitely one of the more physical jobs, man handling the x-member is best done with two people..

I found getting the lower control arms off and out of the way to be a real pain, others it seems have not so maybe I was doing something wrong, also remove the sway bar and get it out of the way, this is not optional !!! It is pretty cool to see the engine rocking afterwards though.

mount1.jpg (27082 bytes)mount2.jpg (30100 bytes)

Here are a couple of shots of the old mounts still in place.

mount3.jpg (26136 bytes)mount4.jpg (24507 bytes)mount5.jpg (25812 bytes)mount6.jpg (26379 bytes)

Here is what old useless mounts look like and the replacements,  getting the old mounts of their brackets takes some bashing.

mount7.jpg (28096 bytes)mount8.jpg (24182 bytes)

Here are some pics of the cleaned x-member and rack support, note damage to x-member from some PO activities in the engine bay. Maybe during engine replacement.