Dyno Runs

Run Number 1 - 10/06/01

Looking at the results I have work to do anyway, the graph show the low figures but it doesn't show the mixture problems.

At low revs is was running weak and at higher revs it was running rich, this could be one of 3 things, fuel regulator, MAF or the brain.

Best figures were 274Ib/ft @ 3200rpm and 242bhp @ 5800rpm which is 30hp or so low for a 5 speed.

dyno1.jpg (71244 bytes)

Run Number 2 - 5/11/02

So now have a new exhaust system, removed the previous owners custom pipes. Now have Louis Ott X-over, 87S4 center mufflers and an RMB. Nice improvement in numbers but the mixture is still whacky, adjustable FPR next.

Best figures were 290Ib/ft @ 3250rpm and 264bhp @ 5800rpm

Dyno2.jpg (252588 bytes)

Run Number 3 - 28/11/03

Slightly down on power but mixture looks better, gotta have move power !!

Best figures were 281Ib/ft @ 3250rpm and 259bhp 

dyno_2003.jpg (258729 bytes)

Run Number 4 - 5/22/05

So 1st run since the engine rebuild, looks like I have found the power I was missing. I only did one run as I was leaking some oil from a cam plug and didn't want to push it before the 300+ mile drive home.

Best figures, 284Ib/ft and 275bhp

dyno_2005.jpg (108890 bytes)