Air Duct Removal/Repair

I have already removed the cooling flaps a while back as they were all broken and a mess, seeing as my 91 doesn't have them I figured I could do without. Recently I noticed that the plastic cowl in front of the flaps was broken, it was difficult to see what had broken but whatever it was the front bumper needed to come of, there was absolutely no access with the bumper on.

So I bit the bullet and removed the bumper, of course before you do this you need to remove the spoiler which also means you need to remove the liners in the front wheel wells, prep work .....

Below are a couple of pics showing how the front bumper is fastened to the wing, there are also another 5 screws along the centre top which can be seen when you open the hood.

duct1.JPG (98400 bytes) duct2.JPG (122860 bytes)

The two locations by the headlight are a real pain to get too and the only ones with any corrosion on them, takes time and knuckle skin.

Porsche designers where clever in one respect, see the 2nd pic, those electrical connectors are for the fog/turn on the bumper, nice.

duct3.JPG (96144 bytes) duct5.JPG (102095 bytes)

Here you can see the broken air duct, a mess. Its broken at the top but the worst is the missing lower centre. This duct is supposed to direct air from the bumper to the radiator, here a bunch of air is going to go under.

A new one is $250+ and 928intl did not have a good used one, a local 928 guy had a spare which was broken at the side, I am going to get that one and fix it.

duct4.JPG (85226 bytes)

Here you can see the metal bracket below the radiator, been grounded a couple of times, after looking at some others it seems this is common.

OK so I managed to make one good duct with two bad ones, bid of epoxy and nearly as good as new.

duct6.JPG (81352 bytes)Unfortunately the photo didn't come out great.

I also ordered 2 new bumper seals but they only had one in stock, the old ones were 'crispy', from the factory someone went crazy with the staple gun, I put quite a few less on the new one. I have not had any luck finding short enough staples so I cut down longer ones with some snips and then inserted in the gun. Seemed to work OK too.

duct7.JPG (111529 bytes)Old Seal

duct8.JPG (109608 bytes)New Seal

I also noticed while the front bumper was off that I was missing the stop for the drivers side headlight, new rubber is a 914 part ...

duct9.JPG (91261 bytes)