CV Boot Replacement

This seems to be a common problem, started with the passenger side as it is the easiest, didn't want to take the whole assembly off unless completely necessary so chose to slide the boot over the shaft with just the transmission end detached.

I ordered the CV kit but there is only one boot in the kit, need to order an extra boot if you are going to do it right. I just re-used the transmission end boot.

cv1.jpg (25671 bytes) So here you can see the problem
cv2.jpg (23211 bytes) 6 bolts, there is a certain rotation which makes for easy access as the boot can get in the way.
cv3.jpg (26652 bytes) Here it is detached and the dust cap removed, nasty smelly messy grease, need to remove the circlip to get the CV joint off.
cv4.jpg (26466 bytes) Old boot half way removed
cv5.jpg (29676 bytes) Looking good.
cv6.jpg (28615 bytes) Forgot to take enough photos on reassembly, must remember to take more when I do the drivers side.
cv7.jpg (26063 bytes) All ready to go

Here are a couple of shots of the drivers side, a little more difficult because of the exhaust but plenty doable. The passenger side CV's still had plenty of grease in them but the drivers side ones were pretty low on lube.

Was going to take more photos but this is such a messy job that picking up the camera isn't an option without thoroughly cleaning your hands and arms !!
cv8.jpg (27565 bytes) cv9.jpg (25803 bytes) cv10.jpg (30273 bytes)