Fitment of new carpet

It took 2 months for my kit to arrive from Original Fit Interiors, when I ordered I hoped it would arrive by Thanksgiving, oh well ..... I chose Classic Grey to contrast a little with the rest of the black interior and I am pleased with the color but also the quality of the carpet kit.

All the pieces are included, although my kit was missing the small carpet piece behind the toolkit, I rang OFI and they said they would ship the item out. My black door panels came with some nice black carpet and so did the rear seat backs, I have decided to leave these as I like the look. Personal taste ....

I didn't rip the entire carpet out before I started the new one, (hint No. 1), this allows you to see how the factory managed to do such a good job and you can put the new piece up for fit and see where it needs trimming etc .... The new kit comes with more material than the original, in some areas this works out well, in others it needs the attention of the knife.

Porsche got overly keen with the glue, a lot of places are secured well enough without the need for glue.

Still have work to do but thought I would show some progress, a number of the items need a little trimming and gluing but its getting there.

carpet1.jpg (18979 bytes) carpet2.jpg (19955 bytes) carpet3.jpg (15587 bytes) carpet4.jpg (17561 bytes) carpet5.jpg (15739 bytes)