Driver's side Camcover Gasket

So oil was leaking from the cam cover to the exhaust manifold which can get rather unpleasant after a while as Levi found out on his trip back from NC. Looking from underneath this has been going on for a while as there is oil all down that side of the engine, it also managed to run down the steering shaft.

Ordered the 'kit' from 928 International, I could have bought gaskets for both sides but am trying to prioritize repairs so skipped that for the moment. 

cam2.jpg (34758 bytes) Here is a good shot of the MAF.
cam1.jpg (32968 bytes) Ignition leads now removed
cam3.jpg (31442 bytes) Throttle assembly now out of the way
cam4.jpg (32777 bytes) Picture of the exposed valve train
cam5.jpg (30160 bytes) Here is the cover after the bolts have been removed, plenty grubby and in need of refinishing but that will have to wait.
cam6.jpg (21885 bytes) Here is how I kept the bolt location identified.
cam7.jpg (31519 bytes) Nearly finished .....
cam8.jpg (32657 bytes) New hoses and clamps to finish it all off.