Caliper Painting

While the suspension was off it seemed like a good opportunity to spruce up the calipers which looked rather sorry for themselves, results by other owners seem to vary so I will try the rears and leave the fronts pending some road/track time and see how they hold up.

I tried some normal paint stripper I had hanging around and it did jack, so I bought some aircraft stuff and it worked wonders, I applied liberal amounts and them down to the local car wash and rinsed all the gunk off. The stripped will not remove the powder coat but it will remove all traces of brake dust/grime and the clear coat which is thick and in my case no longer clear. After that it is a matter of cleaning up any remaining areas with a wire brush and/or some emery cloth.

Straight off the car, note I plugged the brake line hole with a nipple I bought from the local hardware store.

brake2.JPG (89612 bytes) brake3.JPG (98991 bytes)

After stripping and cleaning:

brake4.JPG (115729 bytes)

Then add the masking.

brake7.JPG (132653 bytes)brake8.JPG (129888 bytes)

First coat of paint:

brake1.JPG (91691 bytes)

Cured in the basement furnace room (takes a week) as the garage is too cold, after the first coat dried I had to do some minor sanding and then let dry for another week. On the 2nd caliper I did 2 light coats and let it dry then finished up a week later.

brake5.JPG (113214 bytes)Flash turned it orange .... yuck !

Here is a shot with some clear.

brake6.JPG (129430 bytes)