SS Brake lines

On the last couple of track outings the brakes didn't have that positive feel they did when I first got the car, sure this could have been down to a bad bleed job but I got to thinking those rubber lines had been there a long time and if it was anything like the rubber on the rest of the car ......

Lots of varying opinions on stainless lines out there, on the cautious side I figured I checked them regularly anyway likely they will be just fine anyway. Plus they are substantially cheaper than the OEM ones.

brakeline1.JPG (118642 bytes) Here you can see the standard and original front brake line.


brakeline2.JPG (103594 bytes) Take a closer look at this pic (ignore the temporary fluid stopper ...), the hole where the break line inserts is not quite round, this works great in locating the OEM line which has keyed mate. However the stainless lines are round.


Here is the modified hole thanks to a dremel too. brakeline3.JPG (96429 bytes)


brakeline4.JPG (119398 bytes)brakeline5.JPG (260742 bytes) Stainless line fitted, note I took the coily rubber from the OEM line and wrapped it round the stainless one. Figured it might stop any rubbing, can't do any harm anyway


On to the front passenger side, a before and after shot brakeline6.JPG (116313 bytes)brakeline7.JPG (118980 bytes)

So there is a pair of rear brake lines but havn't got around to those ones yet !!