Passenger A-arm

While the suspension was still unconnected from the rod bearing exercise I decided to give the area a clean, when I was cleaning the passenger A-arm the front bush and carrier just fell off. It was a very sloppy fit on the arm, should be nice and snug.

Pictures below show the state of the bush and the polished arm, because I have no idea of how much metal has been rubbed off I am reluctant to replace the bushings with Polyurethane ones from 928Specialists. I'll be on the look out for a used arm.


So I removed the arm, have looked at a number of options for replacement, on closer inspection the arm has only been polished by the bush rubbing. There is some wear but it is very slight.

Therefore I think new bushings will work out fine, the price of new bushings (for both arms) and a new lower ball joint (check out the rubber boot) is about the same price as a used arm.

arm3.JPG (100855 bytes)arm4.JPG (89738 bytes)arm6.JPG (74829 bytes)

arm5.JPG (75591 bytes)Here is the rear bush, doesn't look to clever either.

So I removed the bush's and was already to order some poly ones from 928sp, I called only to find out that someone else had ordered some and was having trouble fitting them. Dave didn't want to send any more out till the issue was rectified, so I dug deep and ordered a used a-arm.

The bush's were tough to get off, had to use a dremel and a hack saw, interestingly the bush's are a significant portion of the weight of the a-arm.

I ordered a new lower ball joint and then off for an alignment, for the first time the guy was able to get all the measurements within manufacturers specs. Presumably a lot of slack has now been eliminated.