Amplifier/Sub and Sport Seats

This is how the 'used and abused' seats were when I bought them from 928intl, I had been looking for a set of sport seats for a couple of years and snapped these up ... on track days I had ridden in Tom's 89GT with sport seats and they support so much better than the standard comfort items.

I had them re-trimmed locally with grey piping to match the carpet, they are not factory OEM quality but good enough for my eyes, trimmer also said give the leather time to get to shape. He did not steam them, preferring to let sun and wear to make the leather find its home .... we shall see. As these were out of an 85 the electrical connector is different than an 87, need to fix that for height adjustment.

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I am no woodwork guy so this took a whole weekend pretty much, my Empeg player has always needed an amp but I wanted something a little more permanent than just sitting under the rear hatch carpet plus I wanted more bass ... sound familiar ? Well this works for me, didn't loose much luggage space as the height increase is not much more than the thickness of the wood, secured with the bolt holes behind the rear seats and the tool cover brackets.

Now I need a luggage cover to hide it !!!

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