Well the oil cooler pipes had been spraying oil at the alternator for some time, I had been experiencing fluctuating voltages so decided it was probably time for a rebuild. Was just going to replace the regulator but I could also feel some small play in the bearings.

Cost of a rebuild at a local shop was about $120 which is a bargain as a regulator from 928intl will set you back $70. Comment from rebuilder, it was full of grease !!

Also never tell anyone like this what car it comes from, just an excuse to charge you more.

alt1.jpg (32688 bytes) Pre-rebuilt shots

alt2.jpg (31199 bytes)

alt3.jpg (31791 bytes)

alt4.jpg (24561 bytes) Post rebuilt .....nice. If it works as good as it looks ......

alt5.jpg (21636 bytes)