Aero Mirrors

Never have been a fan of the flag mirrors and came across these 911 aero mirrors on Ebay for $250, seemed like a deal at the time. For some reason Porsche have put up the price of the aero mirror kit to stupid prices and evidently the kit doesn't include the glass either ... last time I looked the manual mirror kit was ~$325 and the electric ~$530 and that is the cheaper end of the market.

Useful excerpt below from the 928 forums on Rennlist:

the flag mirror has a rectangular base , the Aero has an " ovalish " base which DOES NOT completely cover the footprint of the rectangular base . So if the door is repainted with the flag mirrors not removed there will be a visible paint line showing mostly above and in front of the new base . The flag mirrors were used on 911 and 944 as well as 928 BUT have different mounting bases to match the contour of the door skin . The Aero mirrors were also used on various Porsche cars BUT different bases . It was for a while quite popular in L A for the "bad guys" to find a parked Porsche with Aero mirrors and use an allen wrench to remove the mirrors (takes a couple minutes) then sell them at the next swap meet for $250 a set or so . E-bay has made the trip to the swap meet unnecesary . The correct 928/GTS bases for the Aero mirrors are about $50 each part 928 731 241 00 and 928 731 242 00 .

Well the mirrors arrived O:K, they have a few scratch's but then they are going to be repainted, the wife mentioned that the mirrors were a really nice color and maybe I should get the car done to match .... right. If only a change of color was that simple.

Dismantling the mirrors is interesting, I need to remove the base and replace with the correct 928 item, well VolumeII Issue I of the 928 Forum have a great writeup on this conversion.

The mirrors I have have no memory, I think I can live with that, although I may be able to re-use the motors from my old mirrors will have to see.

mirror1.JPG (93266 bytes) mirror3.JPG (83988 bytes)Here are the two mirrors disassembled

mirror2.JPG (120190 bytes)This is the magic tool

Next to get them painted.

So the old flag mirror motors can be re-used in the aero mirrors, I am pretty sure I can re-use some of the electrical connectors too, won't be sure if that's possible till I refit.

mirror6.JPG (87043 bytes)Here are the two electrical connectors, for the male pins you can use a generic extraction tool as the write-ups mention, for the females you are having a laugh, there is no way to get them out of the connector. Lousy design for sure.mirror5.JPG (72485 bytes)To remove I had to use the dremel, this way I managed to salvage the electrical connectors.

mirror4.JPG (66870 bytes) All removed, and good riddance.

mirror7.JPG (74397 bytes)A pic of the passenger side before it received more or the same.


OK the refit went pretty easy, as per usual could do it way faster the 2nd time, I re-used the flag mirror wiring harness and motors ... you need to get a hold of the wiring tool to remove the contact pins from the connector housing. has them.

mirror8.JPG (87091 bytes)mirror9.JPG (87292 bytes)mirror10.JPG (83216 bytes)

Above are some shots of the bases being assembled on the bench, mirror housing to base is the reverse of the dis-assemble procedure but being very careful not to scratch the paint !!! The gasket was a challenge, you can see above I tried to pre-tape before fitment, this did not work. Only way to get it on is to put on the car, tighten mirror loosely and get top of the gasket in place, gradually pull the lower part of the gasket into place .. being careful not to scratch the paint !!

You can see photos on the car under the re-paint section.

I love the look !!!