PCNW Dyno - February 26th 2000

Click on the owner for car pics and the Horsepower numbers for the graph.

Adam's Writeup

Owner 928 Horses Torque Mods
Oscar 81 A/T 167.5 191.7  
Tom 84S 5Sp 188 240  
Andy 81 Euro 5Sp 219.2 234.1 Headers
Rob 85S A/T 235.3 229.2  
Tom 87S4 A/T 243 230.1 K&N/RMB/Bosch 4
Curt 87S4 A/T 243 246.4 RMB
Adam 88S4 A/T 249 263.3  
Chris 91S4 A/T 257.6 273.3 RMB
Mark 89S4 5Sp 259.7 294.3 RMB
Nick 88S4 5Sp 263.1 290.5 K&N, RMB
Lloyd 91GT 5Sp 273.4 276 chip
Louie 90GT 5Sp 312 310 chip/adj fuel reg/exhaust/Nology

Group shots and pictures of Duane's 928

These clips work OK with windows media player, some other players have shown issues.

(Note: the mpegs are temporarily deleted until I get more web storage)

Louie Ott's GT (1.25MB) producing 312hp and 179mph, awesome.

My humble S4 (1.3MB), gear change is 2nd to 3rd. 

Check out Curt's site for additional information