In Memory of Gene O'Rourke

Gene O’Rourke was a special contributor on the 928 lists, I felt particularly humble in his literary presence. His posts often changed the mood of the list for the better when things got out of hand, this is also the first time that I have felt this way about someone I never met or conversed with.

I have compiled some of his posts from the archives mainly for my own pleasure, but as this is a new age of sharing of information it seems appropriate to add to this web site.

You’ll be missed Gene.


13th November 1999

I regret to inform you that my brother, Gene O'Rourke, died early this morning. It was a short, merciful bout with a very aggressive brain tumor. He kiddingly asked to be buried in his 928 in case where he was going he needed to make a fast escape! His sense of humor was there until the end.

J. Barry O'Rourke

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